Fire System Installation & Maintenance

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Northern Fire Systems is one of North Queensland's most well respected Fire Protection management and solutions business. With our expert Fire Protection knowledge your business or premises will be better prepared if a fire or emergency situation may ever arise.

With our strong mixture of industry experience, advanced solutions and expertise we can help you protect your business or premises, complying with the latest regulatory requirements and Australian Standards.

Fire Detection & Emergency Warning Systems

Properly installed and maintained fire detection equipment is vital to ensure that a fire is detected early before it takes a foothold and destroys life or valuable property.

Fire Protection Equipment
& Control

We also supply, install and maintain fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers, hydrants, hose reels, fire doors and fire sprinklers.

Evacuation Control

Evacuation Management & Planning

Effective evacuation procedures including emergency evacuation planning and emergency lighting are essential to ensure the safety of staff and customers in the case of an emergency situation.